Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Void With Character!


Following on from my last post, I thought I would post some ponderings about the direction I am wanting to take my Void project in!

While Void 1.1 is a wargame, I am also a big fan of the classic Rogue Trader game which features a more RPG lite sort of experience and I really want to see if I can bring a more narrative experience to Void 1.1 and for me, a game with a backstory, plot and even unexpected events really is more interesting than something more competitive.

For example, in the original Void release, each faction could field Marines, Convicts and Assault Androsynths as can be seen with these rather wonderful Syntha Convicts:

Syntha Convict Legion

Just looking at the background itself, you have lots of plot hooks and interesting ideas, locations and characters to borrow from and the army books when combined with the rulebook and Battles With Miniatures, are a bit of a handy resource for all manner of stuff which could come in handy for games.

For example just a quick peruse for Syntha has resulted in some fantastic sketches of the famous Termite cities by Stuart Beal:

 Termite City from below

Syntha uses their skill with high technology and AI units to settle the worlds that the other powers find too extreme. Syntha exploration teams will also investigate regions which have rare minerals or other hard to find elements not to mention extreme or unusual gravitational forces or atmospheres. 

The termite cities are created by burrowing down into the bedrock using an AI workforce and are marvels of engineering which combine living quarters, military barracks and large research labs. 

Each settlement will have a SPOMM array which links back to Syntha's homeworld and its great central AI PRIME, a huge artificial intelligence which runs all elements of Syntha life, something that has made its neighbours uneasy as how can you trust a cold bunch who are ruled by a machine and actively seem to be tinkering with genetic engineering and cybernetics.

 Termite city surface view

Thrown into the mix, the great powers have been carrying out a proxy war on the frontier worlds with supposedly independent colonies being covertly funded and supplied with weapons and equipment by Syntha, Viridia and the Junkers of Ironglass. 

More recently, the predations of the Koralon has redoubled the tensions which have riven panhumanic spacetime and despite VASA's best efforts, Humanity continues to to squabble amongst itself while the alien threat at its borders crushes world after world.

Stalactite and column settlements

Now that I have taken a bit of a peek at the background to a small degree, I thought it would be interesting to explore the Syntha force I am going to be putting together!

I do like the idea of a force that is striving to move beyond humanity and uses lots of AI units and Syntha has some terrific models available to it from the lowly Androsynth to the mighty Teratosynths and the Biomechs that can best be described as post human, the perfect blend of man and machine.


I have plans to develop a frontier sector, much like Farpoint but in the Void setting where the great powers all have a presence and the Koralon are also a real and present threat but like the movie Aliens, humanity is looking to exploit them for their biotechnology so raids and incursions are quite common.

The frontier is a wild place so there will be some pirates, mercenaries and all manner of renegades too!


Hopefully a bit of work will see some decent updates and lots more painted stuff including non combatants and new characters and the odd new unit to add interest. Inkeeping with my super tight budget and super slow painting, I am going to build the force slowly with the odd pieces I have before expanding it as and when I get the chance.

Looking at what I have, theres quite a few tactical Androsynths and a few assault Androsynths and T-Synths but hardly any humans. I do want to add some Biomechs to the force and may bring in some suitable proxies to keep me going until I find more suitable stuff!

Till then, all the best!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Syntha Troops Spotted


Just a quick update before work with the first completed figures for my Void 1.1 project!

Syntha Androsynth Leaders

I stuck pretty closely to the original artwork but went for a darker, almost black brown which has given them a rather sinister finish. I think the rest of the Androsynth squads will have more white on them though as these two are both squad leaders.

I must admit that painting white is a total pain! It took an awful lot of work to get these two looking good but its been worth the effort. Now I only need to paint another dozen or so figures...

All the best!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Revisiting VOID 1.1 UPDATED!


Well I thought I would get things going with a bit of a peek at what I am hoping to do with my Void 1.1 project.

This was my first  encounter with Void and dates from 2000 when I got sent the first Battles With Miniatures by Ral Partha Europe as part of a larger parcel. I was intrigued enough to explore further and quite liked what I saw.

The original flyer had a one page blurb about the game with a bit of info about each faction and then lots of pics of the initial range of figures too. It was rather reminiscent of a cross between Kryomek and Warzone which was not too surprising as all three games were developed by the same team. The vivid colours and move away from large forces to skirmish size games also reminded me of 2nd edition 40k, a game which had recently been gutted and changed so much with the introduction of more Grimdark and ever larger army requirements.

This, combined with the bright, almost manga artwork really struck a chord with me and I decided to have a bash at collecting an army.

Brood with Blade and Battleshields

 Brood with Heavy Blades

 Larvan with assorted weapons

Phazon with Staff

I duly bought up a couple of squads of Koralon brood and a Phazon which were soon joined by some Larvan and eventually some of the big guys but I never played a game despite eventually having fully painted Koralon, Syntha and VASA armies. Sadly, these armies were consigned to Ebay many moons ago when I went off to university in the great cull but I did keep my books and from time to time would have a peruse as the background was worthy of further investigation and the rules were solid and unlike many of the other games I had looked at, had obviously been well playtested.

Now move forward to 2015 and here I find myself looking at the books again. I cant help but feel there is a great opportunity to develop the setting and crack on with fleshing out the forces a bit. I have rummaged around my bits box and have come up with several options. Firstly I can stay true to the original game and only use figures from it, I can incorporate some of the newer, darker stuff or I can pull in stuff from wherever I fancy to create a more light, slightly harder scifi sort of setting than it eventually became.

Similarly, I could cheat a bit and convert it to 15mm scale. This option is really tempting me (I settled on it for my KRYOMEK project as its all about large scale battles) especially as I really don't have the money or time to spare on collecting and painting lots of 28mm scale stuff. For example, I currently manage about 1-2 28mm scale figures a week if I am lucky while in 15mm scale, I can do 2-3 a day to an equally high standard.

The problem is with this option, Void has quite a few unique looking figures, not least stuff like the VASA Archangels:

Still, I think that I can make a go of it and will see what I can come up with today and post a quick update tomorrow with my findings!

Till then, All the best!


I have sat down this afternoon with a few Syntha Androsynths to paint and am quite pleased with my progress with them so its looking like Project Void 1.1 is going to be in 28mm scale!

All the best!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Welcome to The Viridian Wars!


Welcome to my attempt to explore the rather fantastic game Void 1.1, a game that really captured my imagination back in the early 2000's.

I have been having vague thoughts for a while about re-exploring the game as it was great fun to play back in the day but for various reasons I have always put it off but having posted a bit of a pondering about it over on my TALES FROM FARPOINT blog, I found myself compelled to have a go at not only re-examinining it but to collect an army and play some games!

I also hope to flesh out some of the setting, introduce the various factions and characters for it and generally have a bit of fun with what could be a great little project!

If you are interested, I highly recommend you nip over to SCOTIA GRENDEL and pick up a copy of the rules and army books which are all freely available as PDF downloads from their site and have a peruse!

All the best!