Monday, 23 March 2015

Syntha Troops Spotted


Just a quick update before work with the first completed figures for my Void 1.1 project!

Syntha Androsynth Leaders

I stuck pretty closely to the original artwork but went for a darker, almost black brown which has given them a rather sinister finish. I think the rest of the Androsynth squads will have more white on them though as these two are both squad leaders.

I must admit that painting white is a total pain! It took an awful lot of work to get these two looking good but its been worth the effort. Now I only need to paint another dozen or so figures...

All the best!


  1. Looking good. Yes, white is a pain to paint, but yours looks really smooth. Great job!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for the kind words! Its got a few grainy bits here and there suggesting its time I replaced some of my white/ivory colours and I am currently restraining myself from giving them a more worn, chipped finish to give them a rather rundown frontier world kind of vibe!

      All the best!