Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Void With Character!


Following on from my last post, I thought I would post some ponderings about the direction I am wanting to take my Void project in!

While Void 1.1 is a wargame, I am also a big fan of the classic Rogue Trader game which features a more RPG lite sort of experience and I really want to see if I can bring a more narrative experience to Void 1.1 and for me, a game with a backstory, plot and even unexpected events really is more interesting than something more competitive.

For example, in the original Void release, each faction could field Marines, Convicts and Assault Androsynths as can be seen with these rather wonderful Syntha Convicts:

Syntha Convict Legion

Just looking at the background itself, you have lots of plot hooks and interesting ideas, locations and characters to borrow from and the army books when combined with the rulebook and Battles With Miniatures, are a bit of a handy resource for all manner of stuff which could come in handy for games.

For example just a quick peruse for Syntha has resulted in some fantastic sketches of the famous Termite cities by Stuart Beal:

 Termite City from below

Syntha uses their skill with high technology and AI units to settle the worlds that the other powers find too extreme. Syntha exploration teams will also investigate regions which have rare minerals or other hard to find elements not to mention extreme or unusual gravitational forces or atmospheres. 

The termite cities are created by burrowing down into the bedrock using an AI workforce and are marvels of engineering which combine living quarters, military barracks and large research labs. 

Each settlement will have a SPOMM array which links back to Syntha's homeworld and its great central AI PRIME, a huge artificial intelligence which runs all elements of Syntha life, something that has made its neighbours uneasy as how can you trust a cold bunch who are ruled by a machine and actively seem to be tinkering with genetic engineering and cybernetics.

 Termite city surface view

Thrown into the mix, the great powers have been carrying out a proxy war on the frontier worlds with supposedly independent colonies being covertly funded and supplied with weapons and equipment by Syntha, Viridia and the Junkers of Ironglass. 

More recently, the predations of the Koralon has redoubled the tensions which have riven panhumanic spacetime and despite VASA's best efforts, Humanity continues to to squabble amongst itself while the alien threat at its borders crushes world after world.

Stalactite and column settlements

Now that I have taken a bit of a peek at the background to a small degree, I thought it would be interesting to explore the Syntha force I am going to be putting together!

I do like the idea of a force that is striving to move beyond humanity and uses lots of AI units and Syntha has some terrific models available to it from the lowly Androsynth to the mighty Teratosynths and the Biomechs that can best be described as post human, the perfect blend of man and machine.


I have plans to develop a frontier sector, much like Farpoint but in the Void setting where the great powers all have a presence and the Koralon are also a real and present threat but like the movie Aliens, humanity is looking to exploit them for their biotechnology so raids and incursions are quite common.

The frontier is a wild place so there will be some pirates, mercenaries and all manner of renegades too!


Hopefully a bit of work will see some decent updates and lots more painted stuff including non combatants and new characters and the odd new unit to add interest. Inkeeping with my super tight budget and super slow painting, I am going to build the force slowly with the odd pieces I have before expanding it as and when I get the chance.

Looking at what I have, theres quite a few tactical Androsynths and a few assault Androsynths and T-Synths but hardly any humans. I do want to add some Biomechs to the force and may bring in some suitable proxies to keep me going until I find more suitable stuff!

Till then, all the best!


  1. One of the things that I really liked about the original release was the fact that you could have marines, assault synths and convicts for each force. I know they moved away from it as soon as they had more minis available, but it did make sense in some ways (both game-wise and economically for the company). At least some of this was kept on in 1.1, with Viridian and Vasa marines available, with only slight mods to the minis. My VASA marines are still some of my favourite minis.

    Syntha were my least favourite of the factions to be honest, but I am looking forward to see what you put together.

    1. Hi!

      I have been having a bit of a peruse through my copies of Battles With Miniatures and the force books for some inspiration!

      I will try and get some bits and bobs put together this evening!

      All the best!