Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New Contributor

I would like to thank Richard for the chance to join in on this blog as a contributor. I would like to make a quick introduction of myself to you, gentle reader, before I launch into more gaming related posts.

My name is Derek, and I am a gamer. I also may have come across some of you on various gaming forums under the pseudonym Sasori. I have been table-top gaming in various forms for the last 27 years, and I have been blogging for the last 15 years, and I combined the two into a gaming blog just under four years ago in the guise of the miniatures blog Lead and Paint and my RPG inspired blog Mysteries of Montreal. Please go look them up if you haven't already, then come back here, as this is where the party's at!

In terms of my gaming background, I came in as most kids of my generation, through the Games Workshop door, via WFB 3rd Ed, I gave that up when 4th Ed came out, for a couple of reasons, but by then I was already hooked, and with my friends an local gamers, we moved on to see what else was out there. Cutting to 2000ish, when Void came out, my friends and I bought into it big time. All the armies were represented in our group, with the exception of Koralon for some reason. I think the original figures had a lot less of an appeal and fitted less with the aesthetic of the other armies, but that's for another post. After many years of playing Void, I-Kore, who made and sold the game morphed into Urban Mammoth, and Void mutated into Urban War. This came about at about the time I moved to Edinburgh for work, and to study. The flat I had at the time was right round the corner from Urban Mammoth's bricks and mortar store, while it existed, so I played in there quite frequently. Then the store closed, and Urban War faded, and I moved on to other games, then to other countries.

I guess that brings us up to the present, where I am a Scots/Canadian gamer and blogger, based in Montreal, playing lots of skirmish games like Warmachine and Dystopian Legions. I have never stopped having a soft spot for the Void family of games, and recently imported all my minis from my parents attic. When the Viridian Wars blog started, I was inspired to get these little metal men out of storage and do something with them. Since gaming with them is out right now, as I have yet to convince the locals to play, I can at least talk about them online, and paint them up.

What to expect from me here on the Viridian Wars blog? Well, I plan to have posts not only of my painted minis, but also my thoughts on the game and its history, and anything else I think may be interesting. With the demise of the most recent incarnation of the Void forums (there is still the seriously under-populated forum at Scotia Grendel), it would be sad to see the Void community die completely online, so this will be my small addition to the whole.

Sound good? Good, let's do this!

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