Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Syntha Upload


I had decided to delete this blog as I found myself suddenly terrified by the prospect of trying to get another blog up and running which totally killed my painting mojo.

Saying that, there was a part of me that was disappointed because as far as I can figure it, this is the only Void 1.1 dedicated blog out there at the moment (please feel free to prove me wrong as I'd love to see some more Void 1.1 goodies!) and it seemed like an admission that the game itself is dead. Coupled with the messages of dismay that I received from a few folks who seemed to enjoy my ramblings, I have decided to revive the Viridian Wars and try to keep the memory of Void 1.1 alive, even in a small way!

But enough rambling! Here's the latest additions to my Syntha force:

 Syntha thus far

I've now got a couple of Tactical Androsynths, an Assault Androsynth and an Assault T-Synth completed as well as a pair of marines I painted a while back:

Non classic Syntha colours!

I think I will rework these two a little to give them a more traditional Syntha colour scheme with black trousers, white vests and armour. I do hope they have some subdermal plates as otherwise their vests won't do much to stop a bullet!

I remember the artwork for the T-Synths coming out in one of the old Battles With Miniatures magazines and eagerly awaited the sculpts too.

T-Synth artwork

Sadly, I do feel the sculptor skimped a bit on the detailing of the final sculpt. Yes its inkeeping with the sleek finish of the Syntha range but I can't help but feel the actual miniature is a bit too clean and the Tesla blades, which are some of the most fearsome close combat weapons in the game look a little tame...

I tried to go for as smooth a finish as possible with the big fellow but notice there's a few spots on his torso that could have done with a bit more highlighting and blending to get a more pleasing finish. Looking at the figures now, I am tempted to add a bit more grime and corrosion to them to make them look like they are on campaign rather than fresh off the assembly line (please feel free to give some suggestions or feedback on the paintwork!)

I also added a bit of a glow to the Tesla Blades themselves as the original plan of painting them silver just didn't look right. I'm not entirely pleased with the finished effect but it will do for the time being.

 Another view

Still, I can't complain too much as once painted, the T-Synth is an impressive sight and towers mere humans!

 Assault Androsynth and T-Synth comparison 

Ironically, this isn't the first T-Synth I've painted. Some years ago I painted this fellow as a Cybertronic/Mechanicus combat droid:

Red T-Synth sergeant

I must admit that I love the red and black armour as it looks rather dynamic and characterful. Maybe I will paint up a squad using those colours to act as an elite or special forces unit...

I have also been experimenting with a bit of 15mm scale stuff. Yes I know it's not technically official Void 1.1 but I want to explore the possibilities of collecting and painting a couple of forces for those of us on a budget.

Up until a couple of years ago, it was possible to pick up Void 1.1 miniatures on Ebay for a pittance but bargains have become increasingly rare these days and the moulds that Scotia Grendel are using are beginning to show their age. I bought all these chaps from Scotia Grendel a few years ago and every single figure had some really bad mould lines or miscasts on them requiring lots of cleanup (which I hate) I would go as far as to say that if I hadn't bought them direct, I would have suspected that they were dodgy recasts.

Having not bought from Scotia Grendel for a while now, I can't say if the casting quality has improved or not but I do find myself on a really tight budget these days so buying new figures is frowned upon!

The answer I have come up with is to continue painting through the assorted goodies I have lying around which consists of quite a few more Syntha and various other bits and bobs while proxying a small force or two in 15mm scale.

That Way! 

I suspect I will be able to compile a decent Syntha 15 force for about £10-£20 while in 28mm, they would cost £40-£60 and take forever to paint. Worry not though, I do intend on keeping going with my 28mm scale stuff but am more likely to get some actual games in at a more forgiving scale!

With this in mind, I have painted up this little fellow as a test piece for my Syntha:

Prosthene Sergeant

He's a Ground Zero Games miniature and looks the business for a high tech Prosthene, just how the Syntha operates. I have enough of the little chaps to build a decent squad and I have been snooping around to see if I can't find some more suitable bits and bobs from the many manufacturers that have cropped up over the years and hope to report some progress over the coming weeks!

In the meantime, all the best!


  1. I can't think that I have ever seen another entirely Void blog, or even one that covers any of the Void/Urban War family of games, so for that I am glad that you have reinstated this blog. I look forward to reading more, but I get the blog burn-out from spreading your attentions too thin!

    1. Hi!

      I must admit that was my findings too! There are a fair few that featured Void/Urban war a while back but articles or posts seem to be getting rather scarce.

      I suspect that it might have something to do with the constant re-invention of the company and utter lack of updates or the fact that they bring out a game then drop it and bring out another and drop it and so on...

      Its a real shame as Void 1.1 is a good fun game and the original miniatures are great!

      Worry not though, I will keep this blog going, even if I don't get too many updates or folks reading it! I suspect there will only be one or two posts per month for the foreseeable but I am enjoying working on Void!

      All the best!

    2. If you're looking for guest posts, I have a bunch I am writing up for my blog, we could put them here too with some modification, a little cross pollination, if you like (feel free to say no, I really won't be offended).

    3. Hi!

      I will send over an invite ASAP!

      All the best!

    4. If you could contact me via my profile page on Tales From Farpoint, I can get your email and get blogging!

      All the best!

    5. Yeah, google does a good job of hiding that info, but I've sent you a message.