Thursday, 30 April 2015

Void 1.0, Generic Force Construction.

Tiger APC
Here we go ladies and gentlemen, my first actual post for the blog, and I thought I'd go back to the beginning. Are we sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Back when Void first came out, I-Kore, the company behind it hit upon what I thought was an ingenious idea. The game would include 4 human factions to begin with (Koralon were also released at the beginning, but from the start they stood apart with none of the access to the basic troop types I'm talking about here). They would release various kinds of standard miniatures that were accessible to all players, no matter their faction of choice, and there would be specialist miniatures only accessible by certain factions, thereby allowing them to still have a unique identity.

The forces available to everyone were the Marines, Legionnaires, and Androsynths. The vehicles that were part of the initial release, the Korvus and Tiger APC were also generic in their availability. I thought this was a great idea, as I could buy the basic minis of these types, plus a character or two for whatever tickled my fancy, and be able to field any of the 4 armies at low cost. It also benefited the company, as players from all factions would be buying the same minis, helping them keep costs down in terms of sculpting, and helping them recoup funds to invest in new sculpts.

There was the further advantage that all factions had access to the same technology. Something that always bugged me about some games was the fact that there could be a large gap in the tech level of various factions. This may make some sense in a fantasy setting, and it is an easy way to have a difference in play style between factions, but I always thought that in a futuristic setting, where the free market was a factor, why couldn't my army buy those super laser cannons to replace the shotguns that keep me in theme?

Homeworld Starter Army.
Buy now, choose your faction later.
This was not the case with Void 1.0. Here, no matter what army I was playing, I could field battle-bots. Or I could have my VASA police force put their convict volunteers onto the front line too, and of course, everyone had access to marines, the standard trooper-type. This still makes some sense to me, even though I understand all the in game and out of game reasons why it is rare in wargames.

This politic would be lain aside as the game progressed, and more miniatures were made available for each faction, but I still think it was a good idea. Androsynths became the sole property of the Syntha. They must have repossessed all the units they sold to the other factions, either that or a virus over-wrote their programming, returning them to the Syntha fold. Legionnaires were only fielded by the Junkers, presumably as the other factions moral compass kicked in, stopping them from fielding convicts. The Marines remained the stock force of the Viridians, VASA, and even Syntha for a while, where they were phased out later. However, specific models for each force were released for VASA and Syntha which were clearly just the same mould reused with new helmets, but that's okay.

Bring this up to the present day, and there's absolutely nothing in the rules that stops you from fielding these generic forces as part of your army. Indeed, there's nothing in the rules that stops you now from adding Legionnaires to your Viridian force, for whatever fluff reason you can think of. It's a big wide universe out there, where there are many reasons why these troops are still fighting for the other side. I for one still quite fancy some VASA Androsynths.


  1. I must admit that when the game first came out, the fact that I could use pretty much any of the miniatures that were available for any of the forces was a real boon!

    Looking at it now, I think I may have to build a bit of a Junker force at some point with lots of looted stuff. Imagine rusted Androsynths backed up by marines and Legionnaires and possibly even a retrofitted Bird of Prey...

    Hmm... The possibilities are interesting!

    1. The looted Junker army does sound fun.

      It always bugged me in games where you have one army with all the super guns, and another who just didn't cut it, IRL, one army would just pick up the others tech. The ability to use it might be lesser, but I reckon they should always have access to the same hardware.