Friday, 29 May 2015

Limited Edition Miniatures: Nightshade

Back in the days of Void 1.0, i-Kore games did a few offers of limited edition miniatures. In this first post on this series on these limited releases, I thought I would introduce you to Lieutenant Nightshade. Nightshade is a Viridian Strike Commando special character. This miniature was free when you bought 3 blisters, 2 boxes, or one book, which was the kind of offer that many of these limited releases were given as.

To what extend she was actually limited could be of some debate, as there seems to be a few sources online that may still sell this mini, one of which is here, but beware, I have not tried to purchase from this site, and I don't know if it is still in business. One thing is of interest is that they have a pretty full stock of old Void minis, and as a catalogue for us old skool gamers and collectors, may be of some interest (as is the Scotia Grendel site of course).

The miniature itself may not be limited, but her use under the published rules was. Lieutenant Nightshade, or Pamela Carole to her friends, had rules that were only made available on the original Void forums, but were never published otherwise. If you want them, and the scenario and story that goes with her, just click here to download the pdf. Are we good to you or what?

The Strike Commandos were, like most of the original releases from i-Kore, were sculpted in a very minimalist style. I believe this was a reaction to the GW of the time, who's minis had moved into an age where they were over embellished with nick-nacks, and the preponderance of skulls for which their games have become known. The 90's and early 2000's were a dark time indeed IHMO for 25mm miniatures.

When these minis came out, they were to my eye, something in a very different style, which is why I jumped on the original Shock Marines and other releases for early Void. Nightshade is no exception to this. The photo at the start of this post is the state that Nightshade has lived in for the past 15 years or so, but this month, I dug her out and finished her off. In some ways I'm glad to have waited for so long, as my painting has certainly improved since the last Void minis I painted

I am not aware of who the sculptor for these old Void minis was. If there's anyone out there who knows this, I would be very interested to find out?


  1. I just got one of these. I placed an online order from a retailer selling old Void sets. Turned out they already ran out of the two items, so they had me pick a few figures and they sent this one along as a "sorry for the inconvenience". Since I don't have a Bio-mech, I'm thinking of using her for that.

    1. Lucky you! As far as i can see, this mini isn't currently available on the Scotia Grendel site, so she looks to still be limited in sculpts.