Monday, 4 May 2015

My First Void Miniatures

Now the introductions are over with, I thought I should go on with a more traditional "I'll show you mine" type of post. I decided to go with my first Void miniatures. When the game was released, I fell in love with the Viridian Shock Marines, especially the ones painted in white on the cover of the rules themselves (by Luca Zontini, who has gone on to do a bunch of art in the gaming industry, including for magic). Inside Battles with Miniatures issue 2, there was a squad of these guys painted by Andy Leask, that was also inspired by this image which also fed my imagination.

The studio colour for Viridian marines was to settle on blue, but these white ones are still rather iconic of the early days.

Andy Leask's white Shock Marines
With these images propped up in front of me at my painting desk, I got stuck in to painting my own box. I did learn one thing when painting these guys, and that's that painting pure white is a pain in the undercarriage.

I think the transfers, which were also released by I-Kore, were a later addition. Another little detail that made me love this game. There are a great many decals for modern games I wish existed for those of us that are what you could call "freehand challenged".

Of course, I couldn't just field these guys my themselves, as one unit does not an army make. So I bought a box of the generic marines, which of course I could field with anyone else, if and when I bought more minis.

As you can see, half the unit, including the sergeant, are female. None of whom are clad any more scantily than their male counterparts. If only some modern companies could be so forward thinking.
I can't remember if the box came with the specialists below, or if I bought them separately, but they were all bought and painted at the same time. Here we have a heavy weapons specialist and a sniper.
These sculpts would go on to be Viridian marines later in the story of the game, but for now, they were generic. as discussed in my last post. This was to be a factor in which models I collected next, as apart from the Shock Marines, I wasn't all that sold on the Viridian models, which is why I went on to be a VASA man. But that's a story for a different post.

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