Thursday, 28 May 2015

VASA: Major Kali

There are some Void miniatures that are only known to Void/Urban War gamers. And there are some that managed to break out of the limitations of the game itself, and into the consciousness of gamers and mini collectors in general. Of these minis, a lot of them are from the second wave of releases. I think this has to do with the simplicity of the sculpts, as well as the fact that they are so well modelled. One example of this is the Archangels for VASA. If you head on over to James Wappel's blog, you can easily find multiple incarnations of these he has painted, either for use in 40K, or just for fun. I won't go into the Archangels too much, but save that for another post.
Another of the minis for Void that you see around in various places is the VASA character mini, Major Kali. Indeed, she has seen release as a mini for Void, Urban War and Metropolis incarnations of the rules. A quick google search will pull out a host of beautifully painted versions of this mini. Go here, here, here and here, for just a few.
I for one fell in love with VASA as a faction, partly due to Kali. However, I was always too scared to paint her up, as my skills at the time I bought her meant I knew I would not do her justice.
Skip ahead 15 years or so, and I finally have the confidence to paint this wonderful little mini. I chose a scheme in-keeping with the standard VASA purple, which I intend to use for the rest of her marine squad when I get on to them.

At first I thought the pink hair clashed too much, but it seems to have worked out not too bad after all.

I don't often paint up multiples of the same mini for fun, as I have a huge lead mountain to get through, but for Kali, there were so many ways I wanted to try to paint her, I could be very easily persuaded.

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