Monday, 1 June 2015

Age of Tyrants

The universe in which the game Void takes place has been used for multiple game systems, from Void, Void 2.0, Urban War, Metropolis, Clau Team Actions, etc. The one thing all of these have in common is they all use the same scale miniature, even if they are not all the same scale of conflicts. The next addition to this lineage of games is Age of Tyrants.

From Myriad Games release info:
Well folks it’s been a long road, with lots of stops and starts along the way, but it gives me enormous pleasure to announce that the Age of Tyrants website is now live.
Over the coming weeks we will expand the menus available as well as adding lots of content in the run up to announcing the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. In this offering we’ve got details on the World of Age of Tyrants as well as introducing the Age of Tyrants Team with their preponderance of facial hair! Additionally our newsletter sign up is running and our Forums are now open, it would be great if you folks would sign up and introduce yourself, we’d very much like to meet you.
Right now, the website is pretty sparse on details of the models, but head on over to their facebook page to see the digitals sculpts an art for this game.

They also have a new forum, but I for one think starting new forums for every game is not the way to go, as most conversations now can take place much easier on things like facebook than having yet another forum to visit. This is not helped by the repeated death of previous incarnations of myriad forums. People won't migrate with you to a new place if that keeps happening, which is a shame, but a reality. Plus building a community for each game is hard work.

The miniatures are 6mm in scale, more in line with Spartan Games Firestorm Armada. This is not really my wheel-house, so I'm unlikely to buy into it, but it's cool to see, and we can look forward to more information on the Void universe, which can only be more grist for the mill for gaming with any of this family of games.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the kickstarter all the same, if the price is right, 6mm doesn't take up that much space, does it?

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