Tuesday, 15 December 2015


One of the neat things about having a blog that concentrates on only one game system is that it allows one to go into much more detail in the specifics of the game and the models and background with no fear of losing the audience in the minutiae. This means I can delve into things that I love about the game and it's miniatures. One of these loves is the TAV MkIII.

The TAV (Tracked Assault Vehicle) is a great little mini, and one of the first of the larger vehicles released for Void (the Viridian Behemoth was released in the same issue of BwM) that was not the generic Korvus or Tiger APC. The rules for this were released in Battles with Miniatures issue 5 in early 2001. However, by the time the VASA force book was released later in the year, the TAV had disappeared, to be replaced by the Ronin APC. Why this was the case I'll speculate on later.

In terms of rules, the TAV came with various load-out options. The standard APC, the Decimator and the Pacifier. One box for the mini had the resin options for all three, allowing even for them to be interchanged if you didn't superglue one in place. In game terms, it was even stated that the TAV chassis could easily be refitted with any of the three options in a matter of hours, allowing for maximum flexibility of support for troops in the field.

The APC could hold up to 8 standard troopers. The Decimator was equipped with a turret mounted MLRS, and the Suppressor with a chain gun. Obviously equipped with *cough* rubber bullets *cough*, unless you were looking for a more terminal form of suppression of course.

The three options allowed for three separate battlefield roles for the TAV. The first being the APC, allowing for safe (Heavy Armour 3) and rapid (Mv 8) transportation of your troops across the battlefield to where they are needed most, either to take a scenario point, or to get stuck into the enemy at close range. Even this version of the TAV is not unarmed, having a forward facing chain gun to clear a path through the opposition.

The Suppressor load-out added to this firepower with another chain gun, this time with a 360 degree fire arc. Allowing you to put out the hurt at medium range, which still being mobile and heavily armoured.

Finally, the Decimator allows for a mobile platform of destruction, allowing for long range support of your army, than can still use its mobility and armour to increase its time on the battlefield.

Sci-Fi APC
I picked up one of these minis a long after they had been dropped from the game, and I loved it. I didn't get the rules for it for some time afterwards, as in those early days of the internet, freely available pdfs of rules were a thing of the future. I heard various reason why they were dropped, one of which was that someone at I-Kore had dropped the mould, so they couldn't make any more. This is blatantly not true however, as they are currently available from Scotia Grendel, both in the Void VASA category, and are also the generic Sci-Fi vehicles as a Sci-Fi APC, which makes me think it was more likely a matter of who had the rights to the mould, but now I'm just speculating.

On to my version of the mini. I have yet to assemble it in any of the three load-outs, but I intent to make it so I can change between the three options. Something which is much easier to do now in a world with rare-earth magnets. Oh how I love living in the future!

The kit includes the main body of the tank, and two sets of tracks, that stick easily to each side. The kit also includes the resin parts to make the chain gun turret, the MLRS turret, or the trapdoor for making the APC. There are also the metal barrel for the two chain guns (the forward facing one, and the turret mounted one), the door for the APC, so you have the option to model it open, and an aerial. The model I have has lost its aerial somewhere along the way, but that's easily remedied with some wire and green stuff.

Want to see the rules for yourself? BwM issue 5 is available free to download at the Scotia Grendel site. A quick search online tells me that there are a couple of places that will still sell you one of these, if you want to get your hands on one. Even if you're playing games that are not Void, this is a great little Sci-Fi tank/tankette in 28mm.


  1. The "generic sci-fi" APC on scotia grendel looks every so slightly different. Saw another blog with pics of the APC from multiple angels. Just little things like details on the sides. Also it doesn't appear as the generic APC comes with anything but the chain gun. Cool little thing either way, I'd like to eventually get either.

    1. Yeah, I see that now, but like you say, it's unclear here as each picture shows a different side of the model.

      Maybe that goves some credence to the story I heard back in the day that the TAV was discontinued because they dropped the mould. Maybe it was just the mould for the treads that broke, and they used that as an excuse to remodel the whole thing. This then became the Ronin. After that someone at Scotia redid the treads? I'm just guessing here.