Thursday, 3 November 2016

Urban War Battle Report

The guys at Guerrilla Miniature Games have recently released a battle report video for Urban War. This is a fun game between the Junker forces of Ironglass and a VASA squad. It gives a little intro into the history of the IP, and then shows a game which is also a pretty good intro to the rules of Urban War. I think it's worth a watch.


  1. Brilliant! I resurrected my old Viridians earlier this year (and added to their numbers) and have been rather keen to see what other people are doing with Urban War.

    1. I've been painting up a bunch of mine for a different project recently, with the plan to show them off here soon. Still great to see folks playing the game!

      Where can we see your Viridians? :)

    2. Seems like quite a few people use Viridians for other things, although I rarely see anything new posted online. I did a little retouching and rebasing on my old models and added a couple of weapon teams recently. Trying to get a couple of shock marines done but only one to show so far. Pics are on my website:

    3. Those are some beautifully painted minis. Hope you get to use them on the table. I'm gearing up for Rogue stars for my guys. The triads are all done and posted, will post some nice pics of my Viridians in the next couple of days.