Tuesday, 10 January 2017


If you follow the prolific mini painter James Wappel on his blog, then you cannot help but notice his love of Void and Urban War minis. He has written that some of his favourite models to paint are the VASA Archangels from Void. His love of these minis is apparent on his site, as he has painted multiple versions of them, in a wide array of styles, and has even used their very identifiable wings in other projects.

These models were so successful, they were kept exactly the same and used throughout all later versions of the game, until; finally replaced with a much more forgettable version of the archangel. They are also some of my favourite miniatures from this range, and indeed many others, and the simplicity of the design, and the art of the sculpt has meant they have aged very well.

As far as I can tell, they are Kev White sculpts, but I may be mistaken in that.

I don't want this to become just a showcase for stolen images from James Wappels blog, so please, do yourself a favour and go over there ad have a look through his posts with minis from the Void and Urban War ranges. You'll be amazed, I promise you. And if you only click on one link from those listed below, let it be THIS ONE (which is also the source of the image above).

Void Viridians
Urban War Viridians

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