Tuesday, 10 July 2018

2nd Void 1.1 Nexus Painting Challenge: Top Two

Ok, so here are the top two from the 2nd Void 1.1 Nexus Facebook group Fun Run painting challenge.

As can be seen from the screenshot of the poll, I voted for both of these, so I can't say I have a favourite of the two. Ok, you twisted my arm, it's the VASA minis! ;) Anyway, in reverse order, or course:

Florian Heller's The Girls of VASA:

Being of course, an Anchangel, Major Kali, and an original version Black Legion Sergeant. Some close ups would be nice. Florian, if you're reading, get in touch.

And finally, in a very well deserved first place,

Simon Bradley's Lieutenant Johnny G:

The smoothness of the colours on this are pretty amazing. The blending going on here is top notch. It really isn't a surprise that this mini won the vote.

Well done to all participants, and a special congratulations to Simon, who won a £10 voucher for the Scotia Grendel webstore.

Next up, the Marathon painting challenge armies


  1. This was a tough one to vote on. Pretty much all of the entries for this comp were standouts in their own way, from the superhuman attention to detail on Johnny G to the incredible anime paint style of "The Girls of VASA" to the blending of two *neon* colors (I've never been able to do that) on the araketerex and so on... Just really good stuff.