Tuesday, 14 August 2018

1st Void Marathon Painting Challenge: Victor Araujo's VASA

Finally, after a small delay, here we have the winner of the Void 1.1 Nexus marathon Painting challenge. A well deserved first place went to Victor Arajo's VASA.

Based on the studio colour scheme of purples with a splash of yellow for contrast, these minis really pop.

I especially love the use of a TAV MKIII and a Typhoon. Two of my favourite minis. Great choice Victor!
The final list includes: a unit of VASA Marines (with a variety of heavy weapon options), Major Kali, a Knight of the Spirit, a Typhoon and a TAV MKIII.

I too found the back banner of the Birds of Prey to be unmanageable in terms of modelling and durability, so I'm not surprised to see it missing from the Typhoon, but I consider this to be a feature not a flaw.

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